Community Hubs

Community Hubs
  • New council/VCS lead initiative

  • Delivering community services where they are needed

  • Targeting the most vulnerable in our community

  • Assisting voluntary sector services to reach local people in need

  • Delivering maximum community access to our council assets

  • Using council assets for new services

  • Creating flexible community spaces

Use the form button below to supply information about your organisation.

We need your help to deliver a network of accessible hubs to be used by the community, council and voluntary sector to help create resilient communities at a local level.

We are working with the council and VCS to deliver these Hubs on council land assets.

To help to get these delivered we need to know what services and activities organisations such as yours can deliver through the Hubs.
It would be great if you could take a few minutes to fill in the form below, we can then produce some initial programming for the Hubs.

Community Hubs